Sales Training

acf connect sales training modules, Whether you want to polish your sales presentation or you are new to the sales process,you feel you need improvement with your self esteem, or just want to learn basic Spanish, we offer training modules that will assist you in strengthening these areas at a low cost that will fit your budget.

  modules we currently offer!

 1.   How to be effective in asking for the sale

  •  how to effectively read your prospect.
  • how to predict your prospects objections.
  • how to effectively respond to your prospects objections
  • How to be confident when in front of your prospect
  • How to show your prospect the value of your product or service
  • How to persuade your prospect to buy your service
  • How to use the sales process as an effective relationship builder
  • How to lead your prospect and take control of the sale
  • Effective payment options you will offer your prospect
  • How to reinvent yourself during the sales process

2. Basic Spanish Training (for work)

  • Learn basic spanish terms and meaning for your workplace
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Will custom design curriculum for your type of work where basic spanish will be utilized

3.  Effective Networking

  •  How to take command of your audience with your confidence
  •  When it is the right time to break into a group and introduce your business
  •  How to book a sales appointment on the spot
  •   How to take the cards you collect, make them sales leads, organize them and close them
  •   Effective follow up techniques that will keep you in front of your prospect
  •  How to make your prospects advocates of your services or product
  •   How to sell yourself as your prospects expert

4. The Value Of Outsourcing 

  • How to locate services that can help you grow your business
  • What the definition of outsourcing is
  • Costs of outsourcing
  • Being in control while outsourcing

5.  Building self esteem in sales

  • How to build your self esteem& confidence in the sales process
  • How to take charge of your business
  • How to eliminate the i am scared syndrome
  • How to more assertive
  • How to think outside of the box
  • Effective sales techniques
  • How to become your clients expert
  • How to have your clients sell for you

6. How to be effective in Leadership

  • How to effectively lead your team
  • How to create proper training materials
  • How to improve communication skills
  • Proper time management
  • Verification skills training
  • How to teach your team the importance of organization
  • How to teach your team how to produce in the sales process for you

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Training  Module options are as follows:

you have an option to sign up for 3 to 6 months of training depending on which plan fits your needs and you decide to purchase. Training sessions will be done via skype or google hangouts (you have the option on what option is better for you). The purpose of meeting once a week is to monitor your progress. You will be given an assignment each week.   All modules are custom designed for  you with the purpose of strengthening your area of weakness and your daily interaction during the sales process will be reviewed.   We will work out your schedule on what day and time to meet. If you are interested in taking more than one module that can be arranged and  you will  receive the second module at a discounted rate. acf connect does offer payment plans that will fit your current budget. Corporate or group training is available.

We will be offering webinars in how to build your self esteem in the sales process and personal self esteem. 

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